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Features of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Features of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

1.Terrazzo tiles have had a long enduring history of hundreds of years, not just a fad that is here one day and gone the next. Originally it is formed from granite, marble, glass, quartz shells, or other fragments mixed together to get an aggregate effect. 

2.Today we have the best of both worlds with a simulated terrazzo on an ever-practical glazed porcelain body tile. We love terrazzo for such diverse looks between each terrazzo look tile range, using various colors, size of aggregate chips, and how spaced out they are. 

3. Terrazzo floor tiles are not only smooth in surface, but also very wear-resistant and durable. Terrazzo floor tiles are less afraid of collision than ceramic tiles.

4.Terrazzo floor tiles have various patterns and colors, giving people a lot of choice; we can choose different terrazzo patterns and colors according to different home styles, so that the terrazzo is more harmonious with the overall home.


Post time: Aug-31-2022
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