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What is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and ordinary floor tiles?

What is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and ordinary floor tiles?

Different advantages
1. Advantages of terrazzo floor tiles:

(1) After the high-grade terrazzo (also known as commercial terrazzo) is treated with high brightness, the high brightness reaches 70~90 degrees or more, and the dust-proof and skid-proof reaches the marble quality.

(2) Wear-resistant terrazzo and surface hardness can reach 6-8 grades.

(3) Existing or prefabricated terrazzo, which can be spliced ​​at will, and colors can be customized.

(4) The new terrazzo will not crack, not afraid of being crushed by heavy vehicles, not afraid of dragging heavy objects, and not shrinking and deforming.

2. Advantages of ordinary floor tiles: It has the advantages of solid texture, easy cleaning, heat resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and impermeability.

Different nature
1. Properties of ordinary floor tiles: a kind of floor decoration material, also called floor tiles. Fired from clay. Various specifications.

2. Terrazzo floor tile properties: The aggregates such as gravel, glass, quartz stone are mixed into cement binders to make concrete products, and then the surface is ground and polished.

Terrazzo floor tile modification features:
(1) The surface finish of terrazzo crystal treatment is high, which can reach a gloss of 90 degrees and a maximum gloss of 102 degrees, which is equivalent to the quality of imported medium and high-grade marble surfaces.

(2) The surface hardness is 5-7, which is close to the surface of high-hardness granite and has good wear resistance.

(3) Anti-penetration, waterproof and anti-fouling (water penetration rate is less than 0.8), oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, natural protection comprehensive performance exceeds existing stone products.

(4) The service life is as high as 30 years. The special formula and structural design ensure that the "high-bright crystal terrazzo" board can be easily repaired after being put into use, which greatly reduces the maintenance and cleaning costs, and reduces the difficulty of ground hygiene management.

(5) The terrazzo floor treated with "Terrazzo Highlighting Treatment Agent" is attached with anti-penetration material on the surface, so that the terrazzo will not ebb, no longer have water permeability, and will not cause conditions such as wet ground and ground slippage. Industrial plants, schools, etc. The education system and a range of programs are prioritized.


Post time: May-30-2022
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