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Evolution history of Chinese tiles

Evolution history of Chinese tiles

Chinese architectural ceramics have a long history. The primitive pottery-making technique was invented as early as 10,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age.

During the Yin and Shang Dynasties, people used crude pottery to make underground drainage channels and building decorations;

During the Warring States Period, exquisite ceramic floor tiles appeared;

The large-scale application of Qin bricks and Han tiles is an important contribution of China to the development of world architecture;

In the early Ming Dynasty, Jingdezhen began to produce blue and white glazed tiles, which are the earliest porcelain wall and floor tiles in the world.

In modern times, the building ceramics industry has developed rapidly.


1926 Ceramic wall and floor tiles

The first ceramic wall and floor tiles – Huang Shoumin, a national capitalist, founded Taishan Bricks and Tiles Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, and his “Taishan” brand ceramic tiles successfully opened a precedent for the development of ceramics.

1943 Glazed Tiles

The first glazed tile—Xishan Kiln Factory in Wenzhou developed “Xishan” brand glazed tiles and floor tiles, and workshop-style tile production enterprises gradually emerged.

1978 Glazed Floor Tiles

The first glazed tile – Shiwan Chemical Ceramics Factory, a subsidiary of Foshan Ceramic Industry Company, launched the first colored glazed floor tile in my country, with a size of 100mm×200mm.

1989 Wear-resistant brick

The first wear-resistant brick – Shiwan Industrial Ceramics Factory launched 300×300mm large-scale wear-resistant bricks on the basis of color glazed bricks.

1990 Polished Tiles

The first polished tile, Shiwan Industrial Ceramics Factory, introduced the country’s largest vitrified tile production line in January 1990 and started producing polished tiles (originally named polished tiles). It is named because of its bright and flat surface, but its texture is single and limited, which fails to meet the needs of consumers for personalized decoration.

1997 Antique Brick

The first antique brick – In 1997, Weimei Company took the lead in developing and producing antique bricks in China. In the 1990s, glazed tiles, i.e. antique tiles, gradually attracted the attention of the market. Against the background of increasingly serious homogenization of polished tiles, antique tiles, with their rich colors and cultural connotations, allowed consumers to taste the personalized decoration experience for the first time.

Around 2002 Microcrystalline stone

In the early 21st century, the first batch of enterprises with the large-scale production capacity of microcrystalline stone developed and put into production almost at the same time. The superiority of microcrystalline stone, which can also mine polished tiles and antique tiles, has become the new favorite of the ceramic tile market, but its bright surface is easy to scratch and wear.

2005 Art Tiles

Art tile is to use the latest contemporary printing technology, plus special production technology, you can print any favorite artwork on ordinary tiles of different materials that we see every day, so that every conventional tile becomes a unique Pieces of art. The artistic patterns of art tiles can come from famous oil paintings, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, photography works or any artistic patterns created arbitrarily. Making such patterns on tiles can be called art tiles in the true sense.

Around 2008 Fully polished glaze

The appearance of full-polishing glaze has raised the bright, clean and magnificent effect of tile decoration to a whole new level. Inkjet technology is a revolution that subverts the industry. There are all kinds of patterns and texture effects.

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