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Origin of tiles

Origin of tiles

The birth of ceramic tiles The use of ceramic tiles has a long history. Tile was born in Europe, especially Italy, Spain and Germany. The use of ceramic tiles has gradually become popular all over the world. In the historical process of ceramic tiles, the mosaics of Spain and Portugal, the floor tiles of the Italian Renaissance, the glazed tiles of Antwerp, the development of Dutch tile illustrations, and the tiles of Germany all have milestones.

In the 1970s, an exhibition called “The New Look of Italian Household Products” was exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art and other places in the United States, which established the global status of Italian home design. Italian designers integrate individual needs into the design of ceramic tiles, plus the meticulous attention to detail, to provide homeowners with a nuanced feeling. Another representative of the tiles is the Spanish tile design. Spanish tiles are generally rich in color and texture.


Post time: Aug-09-2022
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